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We believe in protecting what is uniquely yours™
The importance and value in intangibles such as brands and domain names as well as ideas expressed through innovation and original tangible works are increasingly appreciated by many businesses today. In view of the potential of intellectual property to significantly add value to your business, it is absolutely vital to ensure that good advice is obtained to secure and protect these rights.

Local and global expertise
As a specialist Intellectual Property law firm, it is our mission and aim to provide prompt, personal and cost-effective solutions, counsel and guidance to our clients. Whether the needs relate to trade marks, patents or designs, we are able to provide the support, through our wealth of experience and established network of experts worldwide to help our clients identify, develop, protect and manage their intellectual property rights both locally and globally.

Core services
  • Advice on all intellectual property-related matters
  • Filing and prosecution of trademark and design applications
  • Maintenance and renewal of trademark, patent and design registrations
  • Protection and enforcement of trademark and design rights
  • Transfer and licensing of trademark, patent and design rights
  • Domain name disputes
  • Dispute resolution
  • Infringement issues

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